The Dance Migration is one of Toronto’s leading contemporary Brazilian dance schools offering quality classes in Brazilian Samba no pe,  Samba Reggae, Afro Samba, Orixa Movement, Maracatu, Silvestre technique, and more.
Founded in 2007,classes with Dance Migration are taught by highly trained and professional teachers. Along with our classes Dance Migration offers students the chance to perform in many festivals around the city as well as abroad. Also unique to our school are yearly trips to Brazil to further your training in Brazilian Dance.

Founder and Artistic Director Adrianna Yanuziello, is a versatile and highly trained dancer, choreographer, and teacher specializing in Brazilian dance.  Adrianna began her training in classical dance at the age of 3.  After years of training and performing in Ballet, Jazz, tap, Modern, Hip Hop and Musical theatre Adrianna stumbled across the ancient Brazilian Martial Art Capoeira.

It was through Capoeira Ms Yanuziello discovered her passion for Brazilian Culture. She wished to discover more in the arts from the country but found Toronto very limited in the areas of Afro Brazilian dance.
In 2006 Adrianna graduated with a BFA in Dance from Ryerson University. It was at this time when she discovered her Master teacher Rosangela Silvestre. Ms. Silvestre, a native to Salvador , Bahia, Brazil had created a language of dance called the Silvestre Technique. Immediately Adrianna took initiative to bring Rosangela to Canada to teach the first ever Silvestre training and Orixa dance workshop in Toronto.

“ The experience was an intense one- states Adrianna.  But I learned more from this woman in 4 days than I did in 4 years!”

Upon graduation Ms Yanuziello moved to Salvador, Bahia, Brazil to train intensively in Afro Brazilian dance, and the Silvestre technique. Dance Migration was founded a year later after returning from Brasil. Adrianna began producing full theatre shows at such venues as Harbourfront Centre, Lula Lounge, Isabel Bader Theatre, and the Fleck Dance Theatre. She continues to develop her craft through returning to Brazil to train with Rosangela Silvestre of Silvestre Link and Nildinha Fonseca of Bale Folclorico da Bahia, along with ILE AIYE and OLODUM. While in Brazil, she performed in Carnival with world renowned band Olodum, and in Silvestre performances at the Teatro Villa Velha and in the famous city centre’s Teatro SESC. She shares her experience and inspiration in her teaching in Toronto and abroad, having taught numerous workshops within Canada,the USA,  Israel, and Brazil.

Students of the Dance Migration school are given the highest level of instruction through Adrianna Yanuziello’s classes. Adrianna believes that we are forever students and never stop learning and growing. Therefor Adrianna continues to travel to Brazil on a yearly basis studying with only the greats in their craft. For more information on classes check out our Class schedule/descriptions.