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Learn the latest Samba techniques and styles imported directly from Brazil. Build your confidence, grace and presence while meeting new people and having fun.  Samba classes run weekly year round, with many special guest workshops and performance opportunities.

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Upcoming Courses

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Toronto Samba Dance Classes

with Adrianna Yanuziello

WEDNESDAYS | 31 July - 21 August, 2019

8:00pm - 9:00pm Fundamentals

$75 Fundamentals (4 classes)

Location: Xing Dance Theatre
(452 College St)


with Adrianna Yanuziello & Raphaelle Charron


8:00pm - 9:00pm Fundamentals
9:00pm - 10:00pm Intermediate

$75 Fundamentals (4 classes)
$75 Intermediate (4 Classes)
$150 Full Course (8 Classes)

Location: Xing Dance Theatre
(452 College St)

Samba has brought me more confidence, happiness, a sense of community with amazing woman that share the same passion and uplift each other - it has truly changed my life!
— Laura M, Dance Migration Student

Photography by: Yasmin Parodi




Brazilian Samba No Pé Fundamentals (Beginners/Intermediate)

This class focuses on the fundamentals of Samba no pe. Students will be led through various exercises to practice the base samba step, along with detailed breakdown of the rhythm, hip movement, and style to be performed while dancing samba. This class is appropriate for beginners and or anyone wishing to perfect their base of samba no pe.

Samba No Pé Passista Style (Intermediate/Advance)

Rio de Janeiro Samba styling. Students will train exercises to improve hip movement, and transition techniques, along with learning fast footwork and choreography. This class also focuses on developing musicality and finding freedom while you improvise and perform Samba no pe.

Brazilian Dance Fusion (Open Level)

This is a class that brings together inspiration from Brazilian dance culture. The class begins with preparing the body to move based in the exercises of the Silvestre Technique. This technique was created by Rosangela Silvestre, and brings awareness to the dancer by aligning body, mind, and spirit.
Across the floor combinations inspired by sacred Orixa dance movement.
Connect the body to the elements of nature, empower yourself, and find freedom in movement. This class is open to everyone. 



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