#SAMBAMONDAYS | WINTER SAMBA COURSE | Full 6 Week Course (Fundamentals & Intermediate)

#SAMBAMONDAYS | WINTER SAMBA COURSE | Full 6 Week Course (Fundamentals & Intermediate)


28 October - 2 December, 2019

8pm-9pm | Fundamentals with Raphaëlle Charron
9pm-10pm | Intermediate with Adrianna Yanuziello

Location: XING DANCE THEATRE (452 College St)

Don’t miss Samba Mondays with both Raphaëlle Charron & Adrianna Yanuziello!! Learn the fundamentals of Samba No Pe with Rapha through various exercises to practice the base Samba step, along with detailed breakdown of the rhythm, hip movement, and style to be performed while dancing Samba. (This class is appropriate for beginners and or anyone wishing to perfect their base of Samba No Pe.) Then dive deep into Rio de Janeiro Samba styling, with Adri, in the intermediate course. Students will train exercises to improve hip movement, and transition techniques, along with learning fast footwork and choreography. This class also focuses on developing musicality and finding freedom while you improvise and perform Samba No Pe.

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